Yin & Yang

Understand yin and yang effects

At first glance, the yin and yang concepts can drive some people away. Often over used for commercial reasons, they have lost their power in everyday language. This is unfortunate, because in fact these millennial philosophical concepts remain current, valid and relevant.

We can try to get around them by using many metaphors, but why not understand them and get to the obvious?

To equate yin and yang with an opposition between femininity and masculinity can be pernicious according to epochs, customs and situation. It is therefore important to avoid reductions before having grasped the deeper meaning of representations.

Femininity is not only yin and the masculine is not only yang.

Dien Chan offers extremely precise features, so it's best to ask questions that have no cultural interpretation.

The personal description of the disorder provides much more information than borrowing medical vocabulary without knowing it.

⚠️ Beware of language bias, because all the synonyms of the word "stimulation" have a yang connotation. For example, it would be wrong to believe that inflammation is always yang. Inflammation is like fire (yang) and is often hot (yang), but we also use this word to describe swelling (edema) that can be cold, full of fluid and therefore yin.

Although some manual techniques are interested in yin and yang to develop their diagnosis, most practice only yang manipulations. We heat, we rub, we mass, we sting or bleed.

However, if the disorder is yin, it will not give good results and may even worsen the situation.

Yet Dien Chan has the extraordinary virtue of also giving us yin stimuli. Let us remember that these complementary energies cause an imbalance when they do not express themselves with equal force.

Tools with yins effects have metal tips like:

  • Brass toothed rolls.
  • Smooth cylinders made of brass.
  • Rollers equipped with stainless steel prongs.
  • Rakes and brushes.
  • The saucer of the big hammer.
  • The prongs flower of the small hammer.
  • The triple detector of the comet.

Yang tools are:

  • The spikes balls of horn.
  • The gum-tipped head of the hammers.
  • The point detector.

yin stimulus

⊶ Moisturize ⊷

⊶ Supple ⊷

⊶ Soften ⊷

⊶ Relax ⊷

⊶ Disperse ⊷

⊶ Calm ⊷

yang stimulus

⊷ Drying ⊶

⊷ Harden ⊶

⊷ Strengthen ⊶

⊷ Contract ⊶

⊷ Gather ⊶

⊷ Boost ⊶

Yin symptoms

▿ Bags under the eyes ▿

▿ Dull / Cold / Pale ▿

▿ Flask / Atone ▿

▿ Water Retention / Oily ▿

Yang symptoms

▴ Dry circles ▴

▴ Brilliant / Hot / Hyper-pigmentation ▴

▴ Tense / Wrinkled skin ▴

▴ Dehydrated / Dry ▴

★ OK, let's look at this plan of care together:

  1. Body work
  2. Facial stimulation
  3. Prepare the next session