an app?!

Why an app?

  • Interactive encyclopaedia, available anytime and easy to use.
  • Streamline treatment plans.
  • Enhanced client engagement and professionalism.
  • Training aid for continual improvement.

Because we are not robots and a machine can not adapt to the subtleties of the situation, we must always customize our treatments.

Although it may sound strange, we will break down our actions as if we are programming software.

There is no contradiction. We must learn to be synthetic and analytical if we intend to dedicate more attention to the creative part of the care.

Interactive applications such as flowcharts or turnkey protocols are there to save time, but not solve everything.

They are servicing your talent.

What is the principle?

To practice Dien Chan therefore consists in combining several stimulation techniques:

  • The effects of multireflex tools.
  • The different diagrams of reflection on the face.
  • Activation of bqc·points.

Working on the face, so close to the brain, produces profound results and quick relief of pain.


Dien Chan is a natural method, compatible with all medicines!


We will go through each essential step in developing a work plan by assisting with the Faceasit'clinic application.

Allow me a musical metaphor to illustrate this concept that may seem a little confused at first.

I like to compare Dien Chan to a musical instrument. No one can say that we only have to play Beethoven on a piano! Nobody dares to say that this instrument can only be used for one style of melodies!

In the same way that a musician can play Joan Sebastian Bach, he can also play Jazz. In addition, if he likes, he can even play Bach in Jazz (Jacques Loussier). The piano is therefore a versatile instrument.

Now that I've sold you a piano, let me explain how Dien Chan looks so much like it.

This therapeutic method is extraordinary because it allows us to "play" all existing interpretations for a given disorder.

That means that we will nurture our care with multiple knowledge.

What information to use?

Above all, it is important to understand that Dien Chan is not only the original method of facial reflexology, but also that it could not have been discovered before other well-known techniques.

Dien Chan feeds on knowledge of both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Dien Chan absorbs and builds its protocols by transcribing distinct skills.


If you practice various methods, Dien Chan allows you to combine them and translate them into facial therapeutic gestures. Understanding multireflexology will encourage you to explore other unsuspected aspects of the disciplines you already practice.

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For example:

  • «Oh I have a shoulder pain!»
  • Answer: «Faceasit with your Little hammer!»

It means: Treat it on your face easily with your multireflex tool.