and learn how to export your «patient files»

Dien Chan's app update called Faceasit is ready since June 2020.

Take full advantage of the best facial reflexology app.

If you already have bought Faceasit❜reflex or Faceasit❜pro

It's free! It's yours!

All the apps you buy in the AppStore of your iPad or iPhone are linked to your Apple iD. So you can always get them back without having to pay.

To take advantage of this brand new version:

⚠️You must have an operating system higher than iOS 11 minimum.

Delete it, and use this link to directly access the 3 new versions available: 3.Faceasit.com

A small blue cloud will appear next to the one that already belongs to you to retrieve the last update with a fresh internal structure.

If you already have Faceasit❜clinic

If you had created personal patient files that you don't want to lose, just update.

👍 If you want to keep the files, you can export them as .csv format (excel or other).

❗️If you don't mind losing them, then delete your Faceasit'clinic app completely from the iPad and return to 3.Faceasit.com to download the new version for free.


All the apps you buy in the AppStore of your iPad or iPhone are linked to your Apple iD, and you can always recover them without having to pay again.


Are there Chan❜beauté protocols in Faceasit'clinic?

Faceasit is the Dien Chan application entirely dedicated to therapeutic care.

However, Faceasit'clinic offers you many extremely useful solutions to consolidate natural aesthetic and holistic well-being care.

🌸 To learn about Chan❜beauté and...

  • Always have multiple practical cards at hand,
  • Complete protocols,
  • Care described step-by-step,

... then, the Chan❜beauté interactive magazine is what you need.

Discover this other best-seller from Dien Chan experts: the Chan'beauté app by visiting this page: install.chanbeaute.pro