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Why these tools precisely?

Handcrafted with durable materials, multireflex tools are true instruments of elegance and precision. They meet the professional requirements and enrich our self-care gestures in wellness and beauty while maintaining our health.

In a permanent concern of respect of the environment, we choose mimosa wood, high-end metals and horns recovered from the traditional agriculture so that no animal is hurt or raised for this purpose.

We prefer the natural horn, as has been done throughout history, for its antiseptic properties and high therapeutic frequency.

Its silky touch and shimmering colours transform the multireflex tools into authentic health jewels.


If you share these ecological values ​​and want to work with beautiful quality instruments, opt for true multireflex tools.


We maintain full control of the manufacturing and distribution process to ensure the highest standard of product and work conditions for employees.

Our goal is to provide all therapists and individuals to ability to acquire the best tools on the market at the right price. The sales of tools assist the ISMDC fund project like the Faceasit app and the new Chan'beauté interactive magazine.

Always compare what is comparable to equal quality!


We prefer the natural horn for all parts in direct contact with the skin. Its more silky touch, its biological antiseptic properties avoid the use of aggressive chemical compounds for their maintenance.

Unlike polluting synthetic materials, true horn does not generate disturbing static electricity. Horn comes from the traditional agricultural sector; no animal has suffered or is raised for its horns.

We need to reduce our dependence on petrol and consistent therapists prefer to use natural resource tools. We choose mimosa wood for big handles and opt for high end metals for yin endings.

Beware of plastic gadgets at attractive prices. Compare what is comparable and choose true daily assistants for the practice of Dien Chan, Chan'beauté and of course your health.

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For long-term ecological coherence, we have been practicing the circular economy since 2002. This means that we give a second life to the materials recovered for the production and packaging of each tool.

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